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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 25, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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profound in ways we express what we mean to each other. that is very personal and it made me, well, isn't that...that was sweet, i thought. first i thought it was nauseating but i read it again and i thought it was sweet. >>megyn: thanks for watching, everyone, i am megyn kelly, here is shepard smith. you are jealous. >>shepard: we are passing owe barf bags in here. a stage crew member is writing a book. >>megyn: i have love in my life, shepard smith, that's the best. >>shepard: the news begins anew with warning today of a potential halloween weather monster headed north. experts predict hurricane sandy could come together with an early winter storms with gale force winds and flash floods and snow, the whole east coast
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better look out. details are first from fox at this hour. plus, the president's campaign is accusing governor romney of waging a war on women but a poll shows the battle for women voters has changed in a huge way. we will show you the numbers. senator john mccain levels a strong accusation to the head of the c.i.a. and the director of national intelligence in connection with the attack in libya that killed four americans. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the weather experts are warning of a potential billion dollar frank -- storm, hurricane sandy, strengthening beyond most predictions and headed to the eastern seaboard, a category two hurricane slamming cuba with winds at 114 miles per hour. to are dead in the caribbean. now, the government says sandy is growing stronger and faster. it is just one part of a
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destructive, severe weather situation. noaa reports that when she hits the east coast, it could hit with an early winter storm and arctic air on the night before halloween during a full moon. good grief! gale force winds flooding and heavy rain and snow are all possible in the northeast part of the united states between sunday and wednesday. an expert predicts a massive storm. one so big that folks from florida to maine and inland as ohio could feel it. wow! franken something or other. frankenstorm. rick: the billion dollar storm is very accurate right now it is category to storm across the bahamas and close to air florida area and florida will be feeling
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the first impact from it tonight into tomorrow. we have tropical storm warnings in affect from daytona beach to the keys and watches in effect toward parts of georgia so we are going to be dealing with the impact of strong wind and a lot of beach erosion and heavy surf from florida to the carolinas tomorrow into saturday morning. >>shepard: it is moving to the northeast. but the water is cold. rick: the water is five degreer warmer than normal but we are not talking about a tropical storm but a hybrid. the jet stream that is pulling from the west, that will combine into very similar to what we had with the perfect storm in 1991. we have pictures we can show from the damage that happened in that storm. look at some, 1991, major damage all across the shores, a lot of beaches destroyed. that storm, the lowest pressure
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it had was a 972 millibar storm and right now the two models we like, both of them are showing around 941 millibar storm so a much stronger storm and that storm there was more of a maine and coastal massachusetts area not so much a population zone. this zone going from connecticut, long island, new york, washington, dc, philadelphia, think how many people live there. because it will not be a tropical storm yet it means the wind will be stronger. a big area here is going to be dealing with winds from 60 to eighth miles per hour. it is slow moving, 24 to 36 hours of this and major beach erosion and power outages over 10 million for a lot of people here. when you get those numbers people will be without power for a very long time. >>shepard: 45 million people live if that area. thank you, rick. they will be busy in the weather center. the president is about to do
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something no other sitting president has done in the history of this nation. vote early. he will stop in chicago later today to cast his ballot. with the election just telephone days arm, mercifully, a new poll shows that president obama's comfortable lead among women is gone. gone. it is a new survey from associated press with president obama and governor romney tied 47 percent to 47 percent among women voters. last month the presidential led in the same survey by 16 points. he has a commanding lead when asked who makes the right decision on women's issues. the president enjoys the lead outside the margin of error. wendell? >>reporter: this is a dead
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heat. a campaign spokesman said a short while ago, any poll that shows us tied with men and women is not a poll we place bets on in las vegas. in richmond, virginia, the president appealed to the william saying they, not mening should make abortion decisions. >> we have seen, again, this week, i don't think any male politician should be making health care decisions for women. i don't think your boss or your insurance company should be making those decisions for you, either. >>reporter: he is referring to indiana republican, senate candidate who opposes abortion for rape victims and said in a debate if they get pregnant it is god's will. >>shepard: the president got another endorsement. >>reporter: colin powell, a
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republican, who endorsed president obama in 2008 has done so again. arizona senate john mccain who was snubbed by powell said on fox news radio, that powell had harmed his legacy by defending what he called the most feckless foreign policy in my lifetime and the president is humbled and proud to have his support. >> i'm grateful to him for his lifetime of service to the country as a soldier and as a diplomat and every brave american who wears this uniform of this country should know as long as i am commander in chief, we will sustain the strongest military in the world. >>reporter: he was ronald reagan's national security advisor and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff under the first president bush. >>shepard: thank you, wendell. and now the managing editor for "the hill" from capitol hill newsroom. bob, this gender gap thing is a very weird change.
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i went back to 1976 and cannot find anything like this with a 16-point gap, the president is up 16 points and the next time they take the survey there is no gap. they are tied. >>reporter: it is very surprising. you look at the margin. it has shrunk. largely because of the debate. the number one issue, men or women, is the economy. not abortion. that will move some votes. mitt romney was able to show in the debates he moved it back to the economy, even on foreign affairs, talking about the economy, resonating with women. we are seeing that show up in the polls. he does not need to win women but close the gap. >>shepard: talking to democratic strategists and i did around the first debate before the first debate, talking to democratic strategists in and around the debate hall. they said, specifically, democrats can not win without a gender gap. period. >>guest: absolutely. they have to. the key for president obama is
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to win the female vote by a substantial margin and, also, win the hispanic vote which he is way up on, mitt romney will have to close that gap. but that is the key for obama, women and hispanics. >>shepard: enjoy, ohio, for republicans all roads go through ohio. look at this full screen, that is a five-point gap, outside the margin of error, and the president is leading in ohio. i'm not saying this holds or that the polls are always right but if you don't get ohio and you are mitt romney, how do you get to 1600 pennsylvania without it? >>guest: it is tough. you have to run the table almost all the rest of this in the battleground states. if you are mitt romney you lose ohio and you have to win virginia and florida and colorado, you probably have to win nevada and possibly new hampshire and iowa. there is no real margin for error if you don't win ohio. i think that the winner ohio is going to win this. >>shepard: if you are a
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democrat you have different strategies between 150,000 to 200,000 in one particular county and the rest of ohio is what mitt romney was trying to appeal to, the women and the rest of ohio saying i am not send your kids off to war and i am mirroring president obama's policies. vote for me. does the poll suggest that doesn't work? what does it suggest to you? >>guest: well, the auto bailout is helping president obama. no doubt. but romney has closed the gap in ohio but he is not there yet. he has to get it down to two, in that margin of error. he will continue to hammer home the economy, remember, 2010, ohio voters did not think highly of rebound and they elected a republican senator. so, president obama said he got a shellacking in 2010. in 2012 he is up but there is a long way to go. >>shepard: telephone long -- 12 long days. so much can happen. today, governor romney is
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stumping hard in ohio. that is the state that will likely decide this race. the new report suggests that we may not know who wins ohio until after election day. campaign carl cameron is coming up with how many days we might be awake. first, a top g.o.p. senator says hillary clintonly engaged in a "incredible coverup." that is of a we see more e-mails detailing the timeline of the deadly attack in libya accusing the secretary of state of a "coverup" from the american people. lot of paperwork. actually... [ dennis' voice ] an allstate agent can help do the switching and paperwork for you. well, it probably costs a lot. [ dennis' voice ] allstate can save you up to 30% more when you bundle. well, his dog's stupid.
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>>shepard: john mccain now, the republican senator, one time presidential candidate himself, today slammed the sitting secretary of state of the united states saying hillary clinton and top intelligence officials got raked over the coals by him for the administration's
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response to the attack in libya that killed four americans including our ambassador. senator john mccain told fox that he thinks secretary of state, hillary clinton is "harming her reputation" for down playing the role and knowledge, citing facebook and twitter. yesterday, secretary of state, hillary clinton said the investigators are looking into the evidence and facebook is not evidence. of course, it is not. senator john mccain accused the c.i.a. director general petraeus and the director of national intelligence of "possibly providing bad intelligence estimates." >> talking points came from the white house but the white house had to get their information from clapper and general petraeus. that, to me, is beyond anything that i ever imagined of these two individuals and their agencies. if it's true.
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>>shepard: the daily intelligence previousing of the president cite add possible protest connection as late as ten daze after that attack. catherine has been working the story from the begoing and is live in washington, dc. the defense secretary explained why the military did not move in on this situation. >>reporter: that is right. in the last four briefing at the pentagon the secretary of defense confirmed that assets were moved and then held. >> basic principle is, you do not deploy forces into harm's way without knowing what is going on, without having some real time information about what is taking place. as a result, the commander who was in that area, the generals, two of them, and i felt we could not put forces at risk in that situation. >>reporter: we are learning more of the suspects.
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at least one suspect is believed to have fought for al qaeda in iraq and participated in the consulate attack with links between benghazi and iraq are described to us as "extremely limited." part of to broader jihad has emerged after the arab spring, a second suspect, a libyan, has been killed in cairo after exchanging gunfire with egyptian security forces. >>shepard: this attack in libya we hear wasn't an isolated attack. >>reporter: fox was told a second attack in tunisia september 14 was the work of the same islamist group responsible for benghazi three days after the ambassador was murdered in libya tunisia embassy was ransacked with windows smashed. a second symbol of glue, the american school in tunis was targeted, as well. >> same organization. it may not have been the same people but same organization,
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they decided to take advantage of the momentum of 9/11. clearly that was their plan they had moderate success. >>reporter: the significance here is this is the first time a member congress who was briefed on the investigation has made this direct link between the two assaults, emphasizing that the video did not have a role in either of the events. >>shepard: thank you, catherine. >> the free wi-fi hot spots are awesome that allow you to connect quickly. but we are now told they could be tools for terrorists. one claim in a new united nations report that calls for more surveillance of what we all do online. they are watching. plus, an update on the teenager shot by the taliban for saying girls deserve an education. today her family refusing to back down in the face of violent threats. @
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>>shepard: officials want governments around the world to watch more of what we do online, which sites we visit, who we e-mail in the name of catching terrorist suspects. that is what they say now. in the newly released reports from the united nations office of drugs and crime, researches claim the open nature of the internet makes it easy for terrorists to communicate and plan attacks. now the people responsible for the report say they want governments to better regulate the internet. regulate the internet. they want to store records of what we do online so police can review the logs. they are calling for tighter controls over wi-fi hot spots which some cities have anywhere
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because anyone can use them to get online. the authors claim this is these to keep people safe. with us is former head of cyber crime investigation of f.b.i. michael is managing director of global forensic and dispute services for a consulting firm. sir, good afternoon. tell me why we need this? >>guest: well, there is a lot more in the report than just that we --. >>shepard: this is what i am interested in. >>guest: that is for sure. surprise, surprise, terrorists using the internet and so is business. so, regulation is difficult when this is such an open and diverse big place. if you look at youtube, it will take you eight years to watch the videos that are uploaded there in one day. how can you regulate the internet? that is a question. >>shepard: what they want governments to do it sounds like is limit hot spots and record everything we do online so later they can review it. that may sound u.n. to some but
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it doesn't sound very u.s. >>guest: the problem, really, is the investigators want to go out and find data on terrorists. they use the internet and they leave a trail. you follow the trails and the internet addresses and if you look at an intent hot spot, i would be more worried about the video cameras use walk to the hot spot rather than the internet trail. it is easier to pick a picture from the crowd because not too many complain about the video cameras. >>shepard: but if you walk outside our building they are recording what you do, where you go, what you say, and now they will record what you do in the hot spot there at the airport and when you go through the metal dethey will feel you up if they get a chance. i don't remember what happened to america. >>guest: i would be worried if it were directed the at content but that is not what is being discussed. we already, when we use the internet, give up a little bit of privacy telling people where we are coming from and about our
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computer. most of the regulations they are talking about are to retain the information about who is accessing, not the content of what you do or what you read. we are giving that up. i am not sure if this is a stretch. >>shepard: i'm for a government monitor following all of us around all day. they do it in cuba. >>guest: well you might need that in cuba. >>shepard: michael, good to see you. >> the father of the girl taliban hit man shot in the head says she will return to pakistan. the taliban targeted the teenager for demanding education rights for girls. the taliban said she promoted western thinking and she certainly deserved to die because of that. british and pakistani officials flew the girl to england if better care after the taliban repeated the 54 to murder her. her father spoke for the first time and will plan to visit her
12:26 pm
in england soon and she will return to pakistan after her treatment. according to the doctors in great britain she is 15 and she still cannot talk but is able to write and stand with a bit of help. experts say the road to the white house runs straight through ohio. if you do not know that...governor romney is crisscrossing the state ahead of what they are calling a "closing argument" on the economy and now it is predicted the recovery will get stronger. it already is. but the president can congress need to cooperate. well, well, we will explain as we approach the bottom the hour and the top the news on "studio b." [ male announcer ] humana and walmart have teamed up to bring you a low-priced medicare prescription drug plan. ♪ with a low national plan premium... ♪ ...and copays as low as one dollar... ♪
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remember, open enrollment ends friday, december 7th. we can help. call unitedhealthcare to learn about medicare plans that may be right for you. ♪ >>shepard: i am shepard smith and this is "studio b" at bottom the hour. time for the top of the news. the republican presidential candidate, governor romney, crisscrossing the state of ohio which will decide this year's election with history as our guide. no republican has ever taken the white house without winning ohio first. at the same time, there is a brand new national poll of likely voters suggesting the race is very much a dead heat. that is likely voters nationwide but that is now how we will elect presidents. governor romney has 47 percent and president obama has 45 percent inside the margin of error inside a poll that doesn't
12:31 pm
amount to a hill of beans. it does not matter, could not matter less who wins the popular vote. carlcarl cameron is live in lim, ohio. >>carl: the popular vote, state by state, it matter as great deal and nowhere more than ohio mitt romney spending today and tomorrow across the buckeye state. this morning he was in cincinnati. he began the beginning of a closing argument with a big speech tomorrow arguing that president obama lacks an agenda and the campaign is about small things that ignore the great challenges that romney says require a bold change that only he can lead with his experience and jobs and the economy. he argues that the president has been reduced to petty attacks. >> the obama campaign doesn't have a land. the obama campaign is slipping because he is talking about
12:32 pm
smaller and smaller things despite the fact that america has huge challenges. this is an opportunity for america. that's why on november 6 i am counting on ohio to vote for big change. >>carl: the campaign circulate add memo to interested parties saying in ohio they are stronger than the polls suggest and they believe they can win. he will give the big speech about the debt and the deficit trying in the formal closing argument to characterize it as "a choice of the voters between bold change that will create a pro growth economy or a status quo plan of stagnation from the president after 3 1/2 years of failure." the mitt romney polls continue to stay solid in the wake of the four debates and the latest poll says that the president lost to mitt romney, 49 percent to 41
12:33 pm
when they are totaled and it helped in the money raising $111 million in the first two months of october. >>shepard: thanks, that is good stuff. there is an umbrella and weird black things coming out of your ears. do you need money or something? >>carl: it is windy as we roll down the highways on our way to lima. one thing as prevalent as pollsters in ohio and that is reporters chasing the candidate candidates. >>shepard: if you need more ear things, give us a shout. we will get them. carl cameron on the road to lima. >> both candidates will be keeping a close eye on the student vote in the state of ohio which has 200, four year colleges and universities including ohio state where there are 56,000 students on campus in
12:34 pm
columbus. anyway, they could be voting for the first time and steve brown is there in columbus, like. hellos buckeye. >>reporter: we are at osu on the oval on campus, a big social gathering spot. for each day that school has been in session and long before, there have been obama advocates urging people to please get on board. recently, get on the bus, three time as day they bus students and anyone else passing through that is a registered voter down to the polling place where early voting is taking place. that has been the emphasis for folks here with the obama campaign in ohio and certainly everywhere else they have been trying to register everyone in the area and that does include out of state students. >> i am from california, but i registered here because i was told that it would make a greater impact if i voted here in a swing state.
12:35 pm
>>shepard: given the magic of the 2008 campaign and the obama campaign's lure, ability to lure college students into their fold, few people think it will be exactly like that. there are a couple of thins in their way. not the least of which is an active opposition on places like this campus where students for romney have also been taking a spot in the oval. also, they have been hitting folks with romney's bread and butter issues: jobs. >> students know in four years or one year, for me, six months, they will graduate. they will graduate into the obama economy where they will not have a job. >>reporter: that plays a role in what appears to be or argued to be a lesser amount of enthusiasm to the obama campaign the no one doubts obama will win the 18 to 29-year-olds but the question is by how were. with a tighter contest in 2012 that is significant.
12:36 pm
>>shepard: thank you steve brown. >> the economy, now, with new reports indicating the recovery is moving at a modest pace and forecasters are predicting growth over the next few months. growth. first according to the labor department, fewer americans filed for unemployment benefits last week, the first time jobless claims below 375,000. the experts say that number suggests employers are hiring again, slowly, and another good sign that great britain's recession officially ended in the last quarter but it and not all good news, it never is. the top realty group reports small gains in the number of americans signing contracts to buy new homes last month. traders do not know what to make of this, with the dow floating around there, a little up, a little downs a little up, a little down. right now it is zero. that is fitting. the "usa today" survey shows that forecasters predict our economy will strengthen over the next year as long as the president and congress can avoid the tax hikes and the spenting
12:37 pm
cuts linked to the upcoming fiscal cliff. oh, yes, they talk about that all the time on the trail. it came up in all the debates. remember that? we have senior columnist for finance for yahoo as our guest. no one is talking about it. >>guest: not too much. one reason is, this was build, the provisions and spending cuts that anyone wants was built to be a doomsday button that neither side wants to talk and they are not talking about it. there are probably a majority of those who try to forecast this that some kind of accommodation will be worked out even if it is just deferring the hard of the decisions and it is not a matter of tumbling off the entire cliff that has been piled up there. >>shepard: at some point we have to make the decisions and to do that there has to be compromise, and there is no more compromise. one side or the other pretends it is there but there is no
12:38 pm
compromise. >>guest: there is not. but you do, actually, have as you get into the next year, we will have so many right now possible options in terms of a second term president, a first term president, lame stuck congress, one house of congress could go the other way. no one right now has much of a vested interest in saying i know how it will go so these are the terms. that is why the suspense will build after the election as to exactly when they will talk about these things and i know that people are trying to "war game" it in terms of what either side could take or give but i don't know it is that easy to do. >>shepard: what we do see, though, things are getting better. housing. unemployment. everything is better. >>guest: better but "better" obviously we are talking about most the numbers consistent with 2 percent economic growth, a slight pickup from the first half of the year. that is worth extrapolating in
12:39 pm
2013 and no one wants to approach building into the estimates what could be several hundred billion hit if, in fact, the tax provisions expire and we get the spending cuts. so, right now, people are punting on that element which could be a deciding factor. remember, it is not just one way or the other question. it is not either we have disaster overnight and we go over the cliff or, nothing happens and it is all happy, it will probably be somewhere in between, some mix, some level of pain, one way or the other and we don't know how much. >>guest: a lot people will be unhappy. that is for sure. >>shepard: thank you, mile the picture of world war ii veteran. he is casting his last ballot in presidential election and the video is viral. the man has died and according to the law his vote should not count. a world war ii veteran and the details are coming up. the syrian government has
12:40 pm
officially accepted a deal to trailerly stop murdering its own people. but just for a little while. will the regime and the rebel fighters tale follow-through? are you holding your breath call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8.
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>>shepard: your favorite government in syria accepted a deal to stop murdering their own people. for four days. during a holiday that starts home. many analysts are not holding their breath the we will not, either, the united nations special envoy to syria brokered the truce. a fighting commander supports the deal but one group inside sear reports they doubt the truce will hold. the fox report's chief correspondent has been covering this for better part of a year. so many conditions attach order this. it doesn't look real.
12:44 pm
>>jonathan: we predicted this and now we have more conditions than anyone thought we would get, the syrian army of president bashar al-assad announced today that, yes, we accept the ceasefire. but. here's the "but." we reserve the right to respond to any rebel attacks and bombings, we reserve the right to respond if we see terrorist groups trying to rearm are on reinforce their positions. we reserve the right to respond if we see any fighters trying to cross any our borders. so, with all of those conditions, the rebel groups have different approaches, some dismissing the cease-fire out of hat and others saying we will observe it if the regime the president assad observes it. so we go round and round and round. >>shepard: what are the u.s. officials saying? >>jonathan: hopeful but skeptical is the best way to describe the u.s. position. here is a state department spokeswoman. >> we all would agree that any
12:45 pm
day in syria without violence is progress. obviously, if we can get the ceasefire in place it might open space for more work to be done on a transition. we are also in parallel continuing to work with the syrian opposition inside and outside of syria on their own transition plan. >>jonathan: she also said that president obama bashar al-assad of syria is very good at making promises and as we have seen, very bad at keeping them. >>shepard: we can be hopeful. thank you. >> now the 93-year-old world war ii veteran who cast his absentee ballot in a presidential election but he now has died. his name is frank. he was congressional gold medal hero. he was in hospice care suffering from liver cancer. this photo has gone viral online and it showd him casting a ball
12:46 pm
lot while on the death bed. he can barely speak or even open his eyes but his family says he never missed voting in an election in his entire life. so his daughter helped him one last time. now the state of hawaii is trying to figure out whether to count his vote. state law dictates that a vote should not count if somebody dies before election day. but supporters say hawaii should let it go arguing his determination to the very end is inspiration for the rest of us to do our civic duty. now to trace in our west coast newsroom. he was really an unlikely war hero. >>trace: he was. after the japanese bombed pearl harbor in 1941, frank and 110,000 other japanese americans, were detained, rounded up and sent to japanese internment camps. to show his loyalty he volunteered to serve in the military of the united states and spent the war in military
12:47 pm
intelligence interrogating japanese prisoners of war. he he is after receiving the congressional medal for gold for his service. >> i wanted to do my heart to prove that i was not an enemy or that none of us were. we remain true americans and if we ever got the chance we would do our best to seven our country. we did. trace the story made the front page of the idaho statesman which made him very happy because he was in a japanese internment camp in idaho. >>shepard: what are the officials saying? >>trace: look, his vote is not supposed to count, the law says it is very clear if you die before the election it is not supposed to count but the way it works, his death certificate has to arrive at the election authorities before november 6 if that happens the tote is nullified if they can find the ballot in the tens of thousands of other absentee ballots.
12:48 pm
she said she read all the candidate's names and he would nod or he would shake his head but he was very determineed. >> my father was part of the greatest generation. they fought a war so we would have the right to vote so for him voting was not only a responsibility but a right that he defended. traits she was a former anchor for our affiliate in honolulu. if you wonder who he voted for? it was...the family won't tell us say it is not important would he voted for. it is important that he voted. >>shepard: god bless her and the whole family. great to hear that story. flu season. it's here. more or less. you wash your hands over and over and over but all hand washing, that could be doing pore harm than good. another one of the stupid
12:49 pm
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>>shepard: flu season just around the corner. you can expect to hear a lot about avoiding germs. research suggests keeping your kids too clean could do more harm than good. exposing kids to germs could prosecute them from illnesses later in life including allergies and asthma. we have the senior attending physician from emergency medicine here in the bronx, the kids are never too clean. if you try to get them too clean that is no good? >>guest: you can overdo it. all the antibacteria products and soaps tend to overdo it. the old fashioned saying of soap
12:53 pm
and water, that is the best way. common sense is important. >>shepard: and sing happy birthday while you do it. >>guest: absolutely. >>shepard: the antibacteria products i understand they are not good for anyone. you can overdo it throughout all of your life with those things. >>guest: you can. what they do is they kill some of the good germs on our body. they are everywhere, you need the stimulus when you are young to get the immune system to be strong and healthy which is going to carry you on further down the road of life. you need the stimulus, a good bacteria and the good stuff. what you don't need the real dangerous ones like flu and the ones that can cause a lot of damage and can hurt you if you have a lot of exposure. >>neil: flu strains are different each year. what does it look like this year? >>guest: we are still holding
12:54 pm
our breath we were just talking about this yesterday at the hand, the recommendations are the same: get vaccinated. always wash your hands. >>shepard: but the vaccine is different every year and do you not know if the vaccine will help the strain. >>guest: but it is better to boston the immune system. many times we hit it close. when you are in public, you ride the subway, bus, you touch the hand rails and the public surface so make sure you wash your hands and make sure you do that before and after meals, cover your cough when you sneeze. >> sounds right to my. >> common sense, though. >>shepard: flu season, never fun. >> schools have dress codes to keep the kids from growing their hair too long, they want to micromanage children despite the evidence you should not do it
12:55 pm
but if you grow your hair for charity, should that be an exception to the stupid rule at school? we will tell you the punishment and hear from both sides.
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
>>shepard: seriously? a high school in northeast ohio suspended a studen because his hair is growing too long, but he is growing it out for a charity "lobs of organization," making wigs for kids who do not have hair because they have a disease or cancer parents. he made it clear this was for a good cause. according to the school rules you cannot just grow your hair past your shirt collar. >> i want to give them a chance to live a normal life, a chance to be happy. >> unfortunately, we were asked, is he in violation or not and he is obviously in violation of the dress code. >> worse, it is a two day
12:59 pm
inschool suspension so he doesn't even get to stay at home were the student said he only needed to grow his hair one more inch to donate it. >>shepard: i don't understand if girls can grow their hair long boys can't. it is 2012, people, wake up. and before we call it a day a woman in south carolina has a lot of faith in the u.s. postal service. insert your joke. rather than turning in the $100,000 winning ticket in person she decided to risk it with snail mail. no rule says she could not claim by mail but officials say the winners almost never take that chance. she told official she was willing to risk it so they would not have to drive 2 1/2 hours. now she will have to wait for $100,000 because the check's in the mail. the officials say. 2 1/2 hours for $100,000. maybe she is independently wealthy. i would dre


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